Trans continental railroad

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First Transcontinental Railroad

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Transcontinental railroad completed

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For example, Billings, Mont. The transcontinental railway was completed with a jubilant celebration on May 10,when the rails connecting the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads were joined at Promontory, Utah. The First Transcontinental Railroad (also called the Great Transcontinental Railroad, known originally as the "Pacific Railroad" and later as the "Overland Route") was a 1,mile (3, km).

This DVD is amazing. From the visionaries and engineers, to the politicians and RR companies - mostly in it for the money, to the workers - ex-soldiers and Chinese, this DVD covers the building of the Transcontinental Railroad very thoroughly and doesn't sugar coat the greed and self-seeking of some.

This video is a clip from Building the Rails which is about how tracks for the Transcontinental Railroad were tells how one section still holds the record for fastest track-laying, and how all the rapid growth had both positive and negative consequences. Chinese labor was suggested, as they had already helped build the California Central Railroad, the railroad from Sacramento to Marysville and the San Jose Railway.

Originally thought to be too small to complete such a momentous task, Charles Crocker of Central Pacific pointed out. Find out more about the history of Transcontinental Railroad, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more.

The First Transcontinental Railroad

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