Society must recognize earth as finite to save humanity

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The Fantasy Of Infinite Growth On A Finite Planet

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California Department of Food and Agriculture

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Making Sense of Humanity's Impact on Earth from Outer Space

Surely we can abide by our old myths and “save nature” too. Not really. We need a new guiding mythology, one that shifts our perspective of what we are and what we must do to survive. Perhaps we are in cultural turmoil now; even the Flat Earth Society is making a comeback.

Earth is finite. We must cut consumption, and in advanced. Finally, society must recognize what is truly important to achieving human happiness and contentment. The values of family, friendship, and community form the backbone of a successful society. We must strive for what is spiritual, ethical, and moral rather than for merely more consumption.

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Aug 03,  · If you're unfamiliar with Earth Overshoot Day, it is the day whereby humans have used up their allowance of natural resources that Earth can replenish in one year.

Humanity Has Officially. It's already too late to save humanity our mass extinction is inescapable, says prominent scientist population out of control. Home. Subscribe (free) About NaturalNews. Contact Us. Write for NaturalNews. Because the Earth is finite, it's resources are also finite at any given moment.

Alternative Energy for Transportation

While things like fossil fuels and. The world’s citizens and governments must accept that Earth’s resources are finite and commit themselves to the development of new power sources for automobiles.

Science and technology (S&T) has brought economic growth and contributed to enhancing living standards. Notwithstanding our current addiction to continued and uninterrupted economic growth, humanity must recognize that there are finite physical, biological, and ecological limits to the Earth's long-term sustainable carrying capacity.

Society must recognize earth as finite to save humanity
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Making Sense of Humanity's Impact on Earth from Outer Space