Security risks in cloud computing

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Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing challenges 2018

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Critical Risks and Challenges of Cloud Computing

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risks and revise the information security program to address risks specific to cloud computing. A regulated entity should also prepare for outages and failures that may hinder access to. But as with every kind of new technology, whether physical or virtual, IT experts have warned of the inherent security risks associated with using cloud storage and file sharing apps.

In fact, security or the lack thereof has restricted universal adoption of cloud services. Keywords: Security, Cloud, Threats, Risks, Strategy. INTRODUCTION Cloud computing is an evolving term that describes different and new approaches to computing along with the development of many existing technologies.

From a security point of view, security Computing. The use of cloud services provides many advantages for organizations, from reduced cost and complexity to improved customer services and collaboration capabilities that boost productivity.

Cloud computing is an extremely attractive model for both the users and the providers of Cloud-based infrastructure, who have their own business angle for using and providing these services.


However, as with many business ventures, as the use of Cloud environments grow, the risks and the threats. Environmental security — The concentration of computing resources and users in a cloud computing environment also represents a concentration of security threats.

Because of their size and significance, cloud environments are often targeted by virtual machines and bot malware, brute force attacks, and other attacks.

Security risks in cloud computing
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