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Jose Rizal

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Loyal in his exile inhe continued and bought a conclusion ticket numbered with the personal commandant of Dapitan, Don Ricardo Carnicero and another do. Jose Rizal (–) was a man of incredible intellectual power, with amazing artistic talent as well.

He excelled at anything that he put his mind to—medicine, poetry, sketching, architecture, sociology the list seems nearly endless. Jose Rizal sculptureThe greatness of Rizal is also seen in how he used his time.

Father of Modern Philippine Sculpture José Abueva installed the Rizal and Josephine in Bed for the [email protected] exhibit at the Yuchengco Museum.

José Rizal

The school was run by the Jesuit Order and was one of the most prominent and academic institutions in the country which catered to the rich, the powerful and most intelligent students that country had, certainly a place for a young man like Jose Protacio Mercado.

José Rizal's mom, Teodora Morales Alonso-Realonda y Quintos, and dad, Francisco Rizal-Mercado y Alejandra, marry on June 28th.

On June 19th José Rizal is born to become the seventh child born to his parents. Three days later Rizal was christened with the name Jose Protasio Rizal-Mercado y Alonso.

José Rizal, in full José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, (born June 19,Calamba, Philippines—died December 30,Manila), patriot, physician, and man of letters who was an inspiration to the Philippine nationalist movement.

Rizal, officially known as the Province of Rizal (Filipino: Lalawigan ng Rizal), is a province in the Philippines located in the Calabarzon region, 16 kilometres ( mi) east of Manila.

The province is named after José Rizal, one of the main national heroes of the Philippines.

Rizal biography
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