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Investigating the Paranormal

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Forms for Your Team

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To see all people tagged with gru-division-p, burlesque here. If you visit the paranormal section at the boostore, some of the books often have these forms printed at the back of the book.

One example is The Ghost Hunters Guidebook by Troy Taylor. For teams of any size and of any type, it’s a great idea to keep health information available that might be critical to EMT or other first responders.

This form gives you permission to enter a residence, business, or property for the primary purpose of conducting a paranormal investigation. Public Release of Information This form once signed by the owner, or duly authorized representative of the owner, authorizes you to publicly display the evidence that you have received during an investigation.

Welcome to Paranormal Activity Research Paranormal Activity Research (PAR) is an independent research entity founded in We investigate and gather evidence of the paranormal.

Afterwards we research, analyze and publish the evidence captured during the investigations. Complete Paranormal Services is a Pennsylvania based team of serious minded professionals who are focused on research, investigation, and the documentation of purported paranormal phenomena.

Paranormal Research Society (PRS) is a new website covering paranormal news, reports and research. We will be posting reports and research from famous haunted places in america and other haunted places around the world. Not to mention paranormal videos and news articles.

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