Objectivist research

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Mario Bunge kept that this perspective keeps the polar-century distinction between the story in itself and the methodology for us as known by us. Objectivity in social research is the principle drawn from positivism that, as far as is possible, researchers should remain distanced from what they study so findings depend on the nature of what was studied rather than on the personality, beliefs and values of the researcher.

The Atlas Society’s founding commitment is to advance the philosophy of Objectivism in a spirit of intellectual toleration and openness to innovation. Our open Objectivism allows us to support scholarship and research that is innovative, questioning, and intellectually serious.

She uses a general theory about the factors that form bird anatomy, and she uses established research procedures and cognitive processes (logic, analysis), to understand the anatomy of these particular birds.and it dissolves the post modern objection to objectivism.

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. Objectivism refers to a class of cognitivist or behaviorist learning theory that view knowledge as some entity existing independent of the mind of individuals.

“ In the objectivist theory (Marra and Jonassen, ), a nominalistic view of knowledge is held. Design and research methods. The Atlas Society (TAS) is an American (c)(3) nonprofit organization that "promotes open Objectivism: the philosophy of reason, individualism, achievement, and freedom originated by Ayn Rand".

It is part of the Objectivist movement that split off from the Ayn Rand Institute in due to disagreements over whether Objectivism was a "closed system" or an "open system". Summary Federal guidelines require the University to develop and implement an "objectivity in research policy." It is clear that federal funding agencies expect the University to develop a uniform policy for all sponsored research, not merely research funded by federal agencies.

Objectivist research
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