Irea memo

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Patrick Michaels’ 30 Years of Climate Denial

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The ‘Non-smoking Gun’ Leaked Memos Pattern

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A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Intermountain Rural Electric Association was called to order at the office of the Association at North U.S. Highway 85, Sedalia, Colorado, at a.m., February 16, The memo explained that most of the electricity its members provided is generated by coal plants, and Irea was intending to engineer a "considerable shifting from gas-fired generation" to coal.

Economy of Nazi Germany

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Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA) Internal Memo on Carbon Taxes and Climate Alarmism By D S | This is a memo from Stanley R.

The denial industry case notes

Lewandowski, Jr., General Manager of Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA), an electric distribution cooperative in Colorado which has directly and indirectly promoted climate skepticism.

Irea memo
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IREA Internal Memo on Carbon Taxes and Climate Alarmism