Forms of quantitative research

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Quantitative research

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Quantitative research

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The Qualitative Debate

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Interpretation of results is not only in this section. Now is not the injustice to be shy. The Qualitative-Quantitative Debate. There has probably been more energy expended on debating the differences between and relative advantages of qualitative and quantitative methods than almost any other methodological topic in social research.

Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology, Vol 1 (1) Quantitative versus Qualitative Methods: Understanding Why Quantitative Methods are. In quantitative research your aim is to determine the relationship between one thing (an independent variable) and another (a dependent or outcome variable) in a population.

Prof. Xiangmin Jiao won $K research subcontract from Los Alamos National Laboratory for a project entitled “Coupling Approaches for Next Generation Architectures”.

Quantitative Research

Wesley College offers 30 majors in the liberal arts tradition including those in Nursing, Education, Business Administration, and Environmental Science.

The following modules in this series will explore when to choose quantitative methods, how to write a good research question, types of quantitative methods, data analysis, ethics and many other topics that will lead to better understanding of quantitative research.

Forms of quantitative research
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What is the Difference Between Quantitative and Qualitative Research?