Fashion business research

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T-Shirts Trend Report

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Center for Business of Fashion

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Fashion Market Research

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Please skill that we currently working the following browsers:. On Monday, the annual CFDA Awards will take place; the highest honor for an American fashion designer, considered the Oscars of the industry. This year. Finally, will also be a critical year for the fashion business system, with developments expected around the fashion cycle, technological advancements, and a shake-up in the ownership of fashion companies, as players restructure and industry outsiders step up their activities in the fashion sector.

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Nov 20,  · To work in fashion on a high level, moving to New York is paramount. New York is not only the fashion capital of our country, but the cultural center as.

FSAD 4440: Global Fashion Management: Overview

In case you missed it, fashion is the second-most polluting industry in the world, surpassed only by petroleum. Picking up and disposing of brand-new clothes all the time drives demand for nonstop manufacturing, which contributes to the fashion industry’s incredible waste.

The industry for apparel and fashion is in a state of flux; fashion trends that are prominent today become passé tomorrow. The market is driven by constant innovations in technology, paradigm shift in consumer behavior, and advent of e-commerce.

Fashion business research
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