Facility management

What is Facility Management?

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Facility Management

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Office of Facility Management

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Facility management

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FMS is responsible for the day to day operation, repair and maintenance of USC’s buildings, infrastructure, and grounds on the University Park Campus, Health Sciences Campus, the Wrigley Institute on Catalina Island, and various leased spaces.

Oct 30,  · Facility Managers are the first point of contact for Administrative Officers in resolving all facilities-related issues. They are responsible for ensuring that service level agreements are met and that occupants enjoy quiet use of the space as intended. Facilities Management Administrative Office.

Donhowe Building - 15th Avenue S.E. Minneapolis, MN Welcome: Submit a work request Mission: Facilities Management & Safety creates an ideal campus environment where the community achieves excellence by safely, efficiently, and sustainably providing exceptional services.

Vision: Building upon a proud heritage of quality staff and services, Facilities Management & Safety will become a benchmark organization recognized for superior customer service.

Pardon our construction! Below is a map of current construction areas. Welcome to Facilities Management at Sam Houston State University.

Certificate in Facility Management

Facilities Management supports the University's instruction, research, and public service programs by operating and maintaining the facilities both effectively and efficiently.

Facility management
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