Epistemology research methods

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Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: Types of Research Designs

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The research paradigm – methodology, epistemology and ontology – explained in simple language

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Genetic Epistemology (Jean Piaget)

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Defined narrowly, epistemology is the study of knowledge and justified belief. As the study of knowledge, epistemology is concerned with the following questions: What are the necessary and sufficient conditions of knowledge? [ Contents Vol 16] [ IIER Home] Research dilemmas: Paradigms, methods and methodology Noella Mackenzie and Sally Knipe Charles Sturt University In this article the authors discuss issues faced by early career researchers, including the dichotomy, which many research textbooks and journal articles create and perpetuate between qualitative and quantitative research methodology despite.

Volume 2, No. 1, Art. 13 – February The Quantitative/Qualitative Debate and Feminist Research: A Subjective View of Objectivity. Nicole Westmarland. Abstract. Making connections: The relationship between epistemology and research methods Dawn Darlaston-Jones University of Notre Dame, Australia The ability to identify the relationship between the epistemological foundation of research.

I have put together this post to explain what a research paradigm is, which includes ontology, epistemology, theoretical framework and methodology, and why it is important for your research.

Research dilemmas: Paradigms, methods and methodology Epistemology research methods
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Epistemology (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)