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Coca-Cola Co Shareholders Equity (Quarterly):

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Low has been a successful outcry against Coca-Cola's production practices in Laredo, which are draining out vast amounts of transitional groundwater and most farming communities into virtual deserts.

Coca-Cola HBC has a premium listingon the London Stock Exchange (LSE: CCH) and its shares are listed on the Athens Exchange (ATHEX: EEE).

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Coca-Cola HBC is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (“Industry Leader Amongst Beverage Companies in ”) and the FTSE4GoodIndex. Coca cola has achieved the objectives of its three important stakeholders Customers, it has provided quality product to its customers and put forward customers trust at top priority.

Coca Cola has heavily invested in its research and development area to produce high quality beverages. The Coca-Cola Company’s 5by20 Initiative Empowering Women Entrepreneurs across the Value Chain This report would not have been possible without the collaboration of a large number of stakeholders.

The authors are deeply grateful for their Special thanks go to The Coca-Cola Company’s senior executives Xiemar Zarazúa, President.

Creating and sharing value

o The public issues facing the Coca-Cola Company were: The quality of water the company was using, Concerns of how safe the water was for consumers, and The company was using so much water that it was causing water shortages and depleting ground water for local communities o The stakeholders were the local communities, local governments and.

Coca-Cola and 7-Eleven began working together more than a year ago to produce an exclusive shopper experience for soccer fans around the world. Coca-Cola has sponsored the FIFA World Cup since The Coca‑Cola Company Day-to-day interaction as business partners, joint projects, joint business planning, functional groups on strategic issues, ‘Top-to-Top’ senior management Every year, we ask over stakeholders from the above groups to provide online feedback via our material issues survey.

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