African doctoral dissertation research fellowships address

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The 2013 African Doctoral Dissertation Research Fellowship

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Funding can be used to support travel, field work, supplies, language training, and even living expenses. Doctorate or comparable academic degree (Ph.D., or equivalent), completed less than four years prior to the date of application.

Candidates who have nearly completed their doctoral degrees are eligible to apply provided that they submit the manuscript of their dissertation or publications containing the results of their dissertation.

Upcoming Events and Announcements. The Ph.D. Professional Development Conference will take place in February in New York City.

Applications will be available in December through our Fellows Portal. Eligible Fields of Study. Carter G. Woodson Institute for Afro-American and African Studies Pre-Doctoral Residential Research Fellowships Deadline: December Purpose: These residential fellowships are designed to facilitate the completion of the dissertation in African American and African Studies and related fields.

Rutgers Physics News Professor Sang-Hyuk Lee uses Nobel Prize winning optical tweezers techniques to study molecular forces in biological systems.

Professor Sang-Hyuk Lee and his Rutgers team (Shishir Chundawat, Eric Lam, and Laura Fabris), along with collaborators at Vanderbilt University and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, received a $M DOE award for this study.

The Social Science Research Council offers fellowships to support the completion of doctoral degrees and to promote next generation social science research in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda.

African doctoral dissertation research fellowships address
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